Equipped to Counsel Training Course

Course Mission

The purpose of this training program is to enlist, equip, and encourage followers of Jesus Christ to live and counsel the gospel of Christ and His Word to people living amidst the suffering and problems of life.

Teacher(s): Alex Kelley and Diane Reed

Guest Teacher:   Kerry Scheer

Contact: (940) 297-6897, or
Email:     Diane Reed (dlreed@dentonbible.org.)

Course Requirements

Class Attendance

Course participants are expected to attend the weekly class periods at the time(s) established by the course instructor. Since the class periods will include didactic teaching, group discussions, case studies, role-plays, and tests, it is quite important for course participants to be present if they intend to master the material.


Readings from Equipped to Counsel by John Henderson and biblical counseling articles from The Journal of Biblical Counseling accompany each chapter of the training. Course participants are expected to read the appropriate articles before each chapter is taught in class to enhance student understanding of the material.

Counseling Practicum

During both semesters of training course participants will be asked to share their individual story/testimony in a smaller circle of participants. The leaders will model the biblical counseling approach but will also encourage the others in the circle to participate not only as active listeners but also as “counselors”, using appropriate, biblically-directed questions.