Reconciliation Ministry

Is your marriage in crisis?


Have previous efforts to work on your marriage failed?


We find that couples who struggle in their marriages frequently become hopeless and isolated. Often people do not find a way, even after much counseling, to receive help from the church. It is very difficult to get the help that one needs when there are real problems, and perhaps especially as believers, since it may not seem “acceptable” to struggle. The fact is that everyone struggles in marriage and must work through issues to grow and change, with varying degrees of help from others.


The Reconciliation Ministry is designed to address many kinds of marriage issues, even those that are in crisis, and even where separation or divorce has already occurred. While the Reconciliation program is for anyone that regards DBC as their church, we offer referral information and direction for anyone needing help.


Couples who contact the counseling office for marriage help will first have a marriage evaluation meeting. Some couples are encouraged to go through Re-Engage first, depending on the nature of the issues. Couples are accepted on a case by case basis for the Reconciliation Ministry.


Brochures are available at the counseling kiosk in the foyer.


Call the Counseling office at 940-297-6893 for more information.